One thought on “Would Ron Paul repeal mandatory car insurance laws if he could?

  1. I don’t know if he would. I think the American public is so brainwashed as thinking it’s necessary for government to mandate laws to take away our freedom of choice. I have always carried auto insurance, be it mandatory or not. My prediction from the outset was that auto insurance companies would take advantage of the law to raise premiums. As a 25 year old adult, I was paying about $325 per year for full-coverage, glass breakage protection, and a $250 ded. on comp and collision, PLUS uninsured motorist coverage on a 2 year old car. And insurance was not mandatory. Today, I’m having problems finding insurance under $1,000 per year…no accidents, a 3 year old minivan, the same $250 deductable, no glass breakage protection. Most of my quotes are around $1400 – $1800 per year–even with a credit score near 800!!! Tell me if mandatory insurance is good for ANYONE except the insurance companies. As an adult, I certainly do not need the government telling me to wear a seatbelt (I have since they’ve been available on cars), buy insurance, or wear a helmet when I ride my motorcycle (why isn’t there a government mandate on THAT?). Get the corporations OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT and let the PEOPLE have it back!!!


    Gil Davis

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