3 thoughts on “What was the last car accident you were in?

  1. Three years ago, 5 car pile-up on the interstate. A suburban lost control in front of me in a construction zone. They swerved, blocked my lane and I T-boned them. We were rearended too. Kind of sandwiched. No major injuries, just a broken leg in one of the cars. Here’s the kicker. The driver of the Suburban SUED everyone else in the crash and our insurance companies actually paid the SOB. It was cheaper to settle than defend. What a crock. I was insured by Progressive and they did a great job handling my claim. I know some people have issues with them, but I’m still with them 3 years later. And I’m an independent insurance agent who can write with a dozen different companies.

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  3. The last accident I was in was a long time ago. I was a young driver, driving on the freeway with my family and my dog in the back. My dog kept on making weird sounds, and I made the mistake of glancing back at her to see what was going on. In that split second of time, the car in front of me stopped abruptly, and I hit their car.

    We didn’t hit that hard, but it was enough that the police had to come out and fill out a crash accident report.

    The people in the other car were ok, and the people in my car were fine too. I was a much more careful driver after that.

    I’ve always remembered what the policeman asked me:

    “So, were you driving too fast, or were you following too close?”

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