10 secret ways to save big bucks on your car insurance

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Are you tired of paying through the nose for auto insurance? Sure, there are some factors that you just can’t get around like driving records, gender and age. However, there are still ways to save. Here are 10 tips that can help you get the best rate possible.

  1. Pay your insurance bill on time. When it comes to auto insurance, any lapse in your coverage can lead to a higher premium or rejection when it comes to discounts.
  2. Concentrate on your credit score. Lapses in your auto coverage aren’t the only thing that can raise your premium. Believe it or not, many car insurance companies are looking at your credit score before setting your rate. Be responsible by paying all your creditors on time.
  3. Shop till you drop. Car insurance is definitely something you want to mull over before making a decision. Check out as many auto insurance companies as you can before settling. Many popular providers can provide you a quote over the phone. Better yet, check out their website and get a quote from there. Doing as much research as you can is extremely beneficial.  Another great tool to check out is the J.D. Power and Associates website. On this website, you can view the current customer ratings for things such as rates, claim coverage and overall satisfaction.
  4. Increase your deductibles. Paying a higher deductible can save you anywhere from 20 to 50 percent on your policy. With this said, you should keep some of those savings tucked away in savings for any future claims.
  5. Go digging for discounts. A lot of car insurance companies out there offer discounts for a number of reasons. With this said, the state you live in and the type of vehicle (i.e. car, boat, RV, etc) you have insured, will bring about different types of discounts. Don’t be afraid to ask!
  6. Calculate an estimate before you purchase a vehicle. If you’re in the market for a car, whether it be new or previously owned, do your insurance research before you sign the dotted line. The type of car you drive really does affect your rates.
  7. Nix the comprehensive and/or collision coverage on older vehicles. Is your car worth less than $2,000? If so, you’ll end up paying more for your coverage than you would collect on a claim. As a general rule, older cars don’t really need much more than liability insurance.
  8. Try to avoid installments and pay annually instead. In all reality, installments usually increase your overall bill. When possible, pay your yearly coverage in one lump sum.
  9. Make your insurance a package deal. A great way to save is by using an insurance company that offers homeowner and renter’s insurance as well. Insuring your car and your home may save you more than you think.
  10. Be an upstanding driver. Sure, no one wants a flawed driving record, but it happens. Try your best to keep it clean from here on out. In many cases, insurance companies cut deals for customers that have had an accident-free and violation-free record for at least 39 months.

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